Wing Seekers

© 2001 – Herry Mardian, made for Allistyana.



Those days
we were half wings
Longing, each for another
“Where is, God,
the soul Thou had created
from mine?”

My prayer went from here
Your prayer went from there
Did you know, in the first heaven
they embrace each other again?


That morning
I woke up confused
Who is she,
that searching for me?

That morning
you woke up confused
Why is that voice
keep saying the name?

So I went
there was you
and you heard me
for real

[Herry Mardian, 24-9-2004]

Photo by Levi Sz.


One thought on “Wing Seekers

  1. The Wings of A Chinese Rumi Student

    Here we fly past at herry mardian garden of hikmah
    searching for lost knowledge and friends
    from beijing came mr shu ming to putrajaya
    he entered the gate of peace and pray beside us
    He ask, where there is Tao, there is Light
    So i will fly no matter how high and far
    You took me in to bow and stand
    in the vast empty space of putrajaya mosque
    Truly I am in loss, in serinity and in peace
    with two chinese friends of Rumi …

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