Asking Too Much


God, here i am

my house is one block of ice
cold and lonely, that’s where i live
so i think heaven as a place
where people smile and welcome me

I prayed to You the other day
give me a sign or anything
then i saw one bright evening cloud
turned into Your name

Forgive me, God
still, it didn’t mean a lot
those four letters You showed me
didn’t make me understand my life

So here I am
sadness has become my friend
tears have become my praying mat
worries and pain have become my path
yet i’m trying to go ahead

I might asking too much,
but please,
will You be there,
on the end?

(HM, 02-01-2005)

‘Asking Too Much’ © 2005 – Herry Mardian
Drawing taken from here


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