Another God’s Guest

one sharp piece of God’s mirror
slashed my chest

blood came out
it was black
: some hatred still left
but it says one name

: yours

forgive me

I was wrong
our story was nothing about me, or you
: it’s about Him,
calling, to you, and to me

i answered that call
may this time be your turn

Now come, if you like
back to the place
that you were once consider
as home

I will try, as i could only try
with all my might, in every way
not to hate
but to serve

to you as another God’s guest

So that
when tomorrow’s sharp piece of God’s mirror
should slash my chest again
i wish to see one name still

: His

(Herry Mardian, 12032005)

‘Another God’s Guest’ © 2005 – by Herry Mardian
Photo © 1994 – Daniel Kramer

* I hope one day you read this..
** Barakah of this poem, goes to Nu’aim B. K.

Another God’s Guest

2 thoughts on “Another God’s Guest

  1. Laa hawla walaa quwwata illa Bi’Llaah. Walhamdulillah. You too, sister. Keep istiqomah, or better : ask Him for ouristiqomah. May He grants this wish.

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