Solitary, Together.

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A disciple said, “All masters say that spiritual treasure is discovered through solitary search. So, then, why are we all together here?”

“You are together because a forest is always stronger than a solitary tree,” the master answered. “The forest conserves humidity, resists the hurricane and helps the soil to be fertile. But what makes a tree strong is its roots. And the roots of a plant cannot help another plant to grow.

“To be joined together in the same purpose is to allow each person to grow in his own fashion, and that is the path of those who wish to commune with God.”***

Solitary, Together.

6 thoughts on “Solitary, Together.

  1. Real ilham/wisdom from Allah is only begotten when one is blind, deaf and dumb to all that is non Allah. One must be solitary to get to Allah. Ones Truth is what Allah has fated/taqdir upon you.
    And thats why I am what I am, and cannot be other than what Allah has fated/taqdir for me.

  2. rubina says:

    Hi visited your website.,

    do you have an english posting of whatever you have written? i translated some from indonesian to english to read what you have written but do you have a english version;-)

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